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Aqueous Cleaning Machines

The industrial washing cleaning machines exploit water properties with applied technology, cleaning solution (synthesized or bio-technologic cleaning agent) as well as time needed for a complete cycle.

High Pressure Water Jet Deburring

High pressure water jet deburring centers with the Hybrid system. Deburring capabilities to deburr and clean workpieces with various shapes and made of different materials at the same time.

Shot-Peening Machines

In shot peening, small spherical shots hit at high speed the surface of the part to be finished. The shot acts like a peen hammer, dimpling the surface and causing compression stresses under the dimple.

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Industrial washing


I.T.F. Group is a major player in integrated industrial washing cleaning solutions and high-pressure water jet deburring.
Our way of acting is based on the product-life-cycle thinking. We offer standard and custom-based design solutions and services. Our machines and systems are committed to the meet the customer’s requirements and assure the expectations, considering the life-expectancy of the machine and their process.

The passion for perfection is deeply ingrained in our company. Every machine that leaves our plant isn’t a simple washer but is the fruit of a work done with enthusiasm and extreme care and harmony of details.

The I.T.F. logo is much more than a simple brand, every machine earns the “three letters” only after numerous and strict quality controls. The security is another essential aspect of our philosophy and integral part of each machine designed and produced by us.

Our company can boast more than thirty years of brilliant success, but the real protagonist is the future. Is exactly in the future that we will reach others important goals in the field of mechanical engineering and penetration of new markets.

From the invention of the first machine we never stopped with the innovation process, always taking care of the sustainability and the respect for the environment, important factors during the entire machine life cycle, from design to delivery and especially to the use of the finished product.

To design a really good quality machine it takes time, but if the spent time allow to reach a product unique, efficient, with style, respectful of the ambient, and above all, fruit of extreme passion and care for details, it was worth even more.

Our goal is to provide, not only a high quality product, but also customized solutions and the best possible assistance.


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High Quality

Our Cleanliness Testing Center (I.T.F. CTC) offers you the possibility to run part trials to meet cleanliness specifications. You can send us your products or arrange for an appointment.


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Our specialists are always available technical hotline support remote plant control on site support


Spare parts always

Our dedicated spare parts center optimizes your production lead time: Rapid response and turnaround, replacement time is minimized, Local stock at low cost (Spare Parts container)


In line with the technological

We will help you to stay updated with the latest technology, upgrading your existing systems to new market demands


Together for a
better future

Used machines recycling, Waste water and used oil recycling


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New machines financing leasing, Long term and short term, Renting


Spare parts always

On-site training on your machine, At our facility training is available for new technology and machines, PLC training, Workshops on new developments in the cleaning industry




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